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Current Rotary Club Members

Becoming a Rotary member connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your passion to give back to your community. Our current members have been a part of the Gallup Rotary Club for several years and counting. Each member is an integral part of our team and they keep our patriotic club running week after week!

Our Current Members:

Klo Abeita
Louie Bonaguidi
Ina Burmeister
Barry Butler
Neil Butler
Marie Chioda
Sammy Chioda
Amber Chisamore
Juliana Dooley
Larry Dorsey
John Dowling
Donavan Ferrari
Robert Fultz
Teri Garcia
Mark Gartner
Terry Hamilton
Ryan Hudgeons
Eric James
Jessica Joe
Yogash Kumar
Bill Lee
Patricia Lundstrom
James Malm
James Mason
Jay McCollum
Paul McCollum
Jeannie Miller
Hershey Miyamura
Don Newberry
Perry Null
Troy Parker
John Pena
Terry Proffitt
Kenneth Riege
Gerald Robertson
Jason Sanchez
Sheree Stauder
Kevin Taira
Joshua Turney
Garrett Waltz
Fredrick White
Veronica Williams
Todd Wilson

Learn more about some of our members below:

Sammy Chioda

Committee Chair Speakers Banquet
Millennium Media

Larry Dorsey

State Farm Insurance

Terry Hamilton

Gallup Tractor and Sales

Ken Riege

Committee Chair – Speakers
Comfort Suites
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